Due to the Covid-19 pandemic most courses for the Fall Semester will be online. This will include the main campus as well as other onsite locations until further notice. We are in constant prayer that Eastern Carolina Christian College & Seminary (ECCCS) will be back to an in-person schedule in the near future. Please reference ECCCS website ( for all online courses or changes to scheduling. Be Safe, and remember the three "W's" Wait, Wash, and Wear.









Application fee to the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs to Eastern Carolina College & Seminary is $25.00 (non-refundable).  In addition, potential students must have:


Undergraduate Requirements

Sealed official high-school diploma or equivalent

Transcript from all previously attended colleges/universities (transfer students)



Graduate Requirements

Official high-school diploma or equivalent

Official Sealed Transcript from college/university  

Sealed Transcript(s) from all previously attended colleges/universities




20% discount off tuition

undergraduate and graduate studies only (excluding certificate and doctoral programs)




Registration fee: $25.00 (Non-refundable)


Certificate Program --  $115.00 per course/class

Associate Degree (Theology) 60 credit hrs.  --  $100.00 per credit hr. 

Bachelor Degree (Theology) 123 credit hrs.  -- $100.00 per credit hr.

Master of Divinity (54-57 credit hours)  --  $125.00 per credit hr.

Master Religious Education (36 credit hours) --  $125.00 per credit hr.

Doctor of Ministry ($1,700 per Phase (4)  --  $6,800.00 (do not include core/elective or conditional classes)


Audit Fee --  $75.00 per course

Return Check Fee  --  $40.00

Transcript Fee -- $10.00 per transcript











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